GO ODF for (AVO demo) Jehmlich Organ from Kecskemét 1.0

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Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>

ODF for the AVO demo sample set

GrandOrgue ODF for the demo sample set from Augustine's Virtual Organs. The demo set includes all stops, but only the middle octaves from each division.

  • Version 1.0

  • This is great, Andrew, how fast you roll out all these ODFs, thank you! If you keep up this pace, all of Augustines Sample Sets will have a GO version in no time. Do you plan to do the same for the rest of Sonus Paradisi and Piotr Grabowski's sets?

    • There's a few more AVO sets in the pipeline; once I've done the first few its been a case of making a few changes to the configuration data, and scripting in any bits which don't quite work. The Sonus Paradisi sets take a bit more work, and there are quite a few available already. Some Piotr Grabowski demo sets should also be available soon.