GO-Odf for the (HW) AVO sample set of the Aeolian-Skinner organ (Op 1132) of the Redeemer Church from New Haven 1.0.0

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Adaptation of Insulaners Odf, which has been in the MPS filebase (German Language pages) for some time. User interface optimized for my screen (resolution 1280 x 800) with a suitable background. Stereo and surround versions.

This Odf is an adaptation of Insulaners Odf, which has been in the MPS filebase (German Language pages) for some time. I made the user interface suitable for my screen (resolution 1280 x 800) and provided it with a suitable background.

There are two versions:

  • The Surround Version is the integral version of Insulaner including the “Near and the Far” samples and the Gent Belfry Carrilion. This requires both the HW sample set of the Aeolian Skinner organ (https://hauptwerk-augustine.info/Aeolian-Skinner.php) and that of the Belfry Carillon from Al Morse (https://almorse.net/content_freeorgans. html)). In this adapted Odf the the switches for "Near"and "Far"are replaced by independent controls for the volume of the “Near and Far” samples. If you connect these controls crosswise to the same control element via midi (for example: "Near" at 127 for "max open" and "Far" at 1 for "max open"), you can operate both controls with one control element and adjust the mixture as desired .

WARNING: The function "Randomize Pipe tuning" in GO must be switched off when using the Surround version. (When this feature is enabled, GO detunes the "Near" and the "Far samples of the same organ pipe differently, creating undesirable intermodulation distortion when mixing.)

  • The Stereo version only includes the "Near" samples of the organ and does not include the Carillion. This version uses less memory and is suitable for use with an external acoustic simulation with a reverberation device or a VST plug-in. Instructions for using VST plugins with Grandorgue are included

Place the Odfs in the same folder as the organ installation packages 002384 for the organ and, if desired, 001654 for the Carillion

  • Version 1.0.0