2936 Spammers blocked up until today

  • Dear GrandOrgue friends,

    our forum software says: '2936 Spammers blocked up until today'
    But nevertheless 69 'clean users' registered until now. :)

    At the beginning I got a little bit frustrated, because it seems to be a lot of trouble, always deleting spammers and their spam posts. But then I activated a higher protection level during registration procedure and integrated automatic rejection of spammers by http://www.stopforumspam.com/

    Since then it's much more relaxing for me. 8)

    I started with this forum an experiment.
    Today I make a short review about this forum, just for myself:

    - Most of you are writing in English language, with few exceptions.
    - Some questions of users are not answered until now.
    - Many users say nothing until now.
    - The admin (I myself) is writing postings rarely.

    My main intention was a platform for all who want to discuss in their mother language.
    So maybe, they are not reached all until now. Or all GrandOrgue users speak also English?
    It primarily should be a forum for you. Less for the admin as an animator. ;D

    Would be nice, if there would be a bit more activity.
    Seems the admin should push?
    Some suggestions?

    Thanks to all users