• Hello world ;)

    a new GrandOrgue related forum is born.

    After about 4 years of engagement for GrandOrgue, I am pleased to be able to offer you a new multilingual forum today. The experience made in two years with our German MPS Orgelseite and its forum makes me feel, that there is a need for a more international platform.

    Less for those who are able to speak English, but for those in the ´rest´ of the world who do not. In several countries meanwhile there are (small) communities discussing about GrandOrgue in their mother languages.
    There is knowledge, like e.g. odf etc. which is local and not or hardly available for other users in the world. And surely there are questions of users which will be never heard in their country, because there are too less people speaking their language and having the same interests. So my goal is not to compete these existing communities and forums, but to give an interface for exchanging this knowledge with other communities in the world.

    Therefore I will link or copy some interesting informations and downloads from the German MPS Orgelseite to this new forum.

    But I am not able to speak this 42 languages. ;D So I hope, some of you will be able to translate and repost such things here in other languages.

    This is just an experiment, but I hope it succeeds.