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    You can install mac OS X onto a intel pc - google hackintosh if you've got a spare hdd and have a pretty compatible machine.

    cheapest mac OS X would probably be a iMac 2"1 or 27" anything from LATE 2009 onwards i picked up mine very cheaply about $450AUD so about 200 euro i guess or maybe a second hand mac mini that you can connect all your existing equipment mouse monitor and keyboard. - or of course for portability a macbook pro laptop 13" early 2011 or newer would be fine - they come with 4gb men and a i5 2.3 cpu

    do you have anything over there like gumtree (eBay but with auction and easy buy off people)
    second hand definitely all you need. Speaking of "over there" where about are you? Im in Australia, WA

    Thank you!

    Latest 10.11

    Been downloading and trying different organs but as mentioned discovered that for Mac they need to be in folder format of wavs or .organ ? Is that correct?!

    Can definitely hear the diff now with some of them!

    :) really enjoying and trying to learn as much as possible!

    Piteå School of Music organ is there any way of loading that into MAC OSX version of GO?

    I downloaded it on a PC and it worked fine took it home all excited and alas its not a OS X readable file??

    I think this is more the organ that I'm looking for!?

    Also is there some kind soul that will port GO to the latest build for us mac users?

    Thank you!


    Has anyone wondered or tested db level for a given sound/stop?

    If i setup a simple system at a hall or church how loud should i set it?

    have any of the great people that have recorded it done that say sit back in middle of church with a level meter and recorded the db level.

    ie if i have 1 stop open and its 80db in middle of hall or should it only be 75db or whatever dependent on the stop of course....

    Thanks Martin, that makes sense.

    I should have mentioned that I'm on Mac OS X a MacBook Pro laptop i5 2.3 with 4gb mem. Then connect to Yamaha 12" powered speakers.

    What would be the best sounding real recording that I could download? At least similar to the demo setup but with better sounds etc?!

    Every now and the even on the demo the sound cuts out like you hold down a chord and it goes - cut -- cut making it very unplayable... Reloading cache seems to fix for a while then it does it again and then it can not have a problem all afternoon playing solidly whilst I'm practicing! I'm hoping/praying on the wedding day that it doesn't occur! Is the demo even maxing out the laptop? Or is there something else I can change alter!

    I'm quite pleased overall and thank everyone for their hard work!

    I've got it saved and setup using a midi controller giving me every single stop and register so that I can change on the fly and couple the 2 keyboards on the fly!

    It's taken 30 years to go back to organ from my childhood learning on one and then having piano all in between! Just loving the experience!

    Thank you,


    Sorry if published somewhere or already stated - but i can't find any information on the pipe organ that comes included with GO in the download.

    2 manuals and pedal.

    It sounds nice and im using it in a couple weeks for a wedding!

    Just wanted to know (im sure to be asked) the details of where and what organ it is.

    Why are the other organ downloads so large compared to whats included in the 35mb download of the whole program? Are the 700mb-1.2gb download pipe organs sooooo much better sounding that you load into GO?>? is the organ that it comes with very compromised to keep it very small?