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    Hi, I am new to the forum and I wanted to ask about making a Sample Set.

    As I know there is a software called Organ Builder Portable. I wanted to make an ODF Composite or Combination Sample Set (for example the Artiside v1 and v2) but for Grand Orgue.

    The Combination I wanted to set up was inspired by the SP Giga Demo but I wanted to combine sample sets by different Styles such as...

    Netherland Romantic Sample Set

    Rotterdam Hoofdorgel

    Domkerk Utrecht


    Netherland Baroque Sample Set



    St Martini Groningen

    American Classic Sample Set

    Aeolian-Skinner of First Covenant Church

    Reuter Opus 227 Portland Oregon

    American Symphonic Sample Set

    Casavant Organ Model

    Rosales Opus 11 Portland Oregon

    I don't have any idea on how to make a display of the combination so it will be great to help me with this, and how to extract the audio file of a Hauptwerk Sample Set? Also, all of the sample sets are demo.

    Storee Denson