Grabowski commercial sample sets for GrandOrgue

  • Dear fellow GrandOrgue users,

    I don't think it gets the attention it deserved, so hereby I take the chance to point out that Piotr Grabowski has released 2 commercial sample sets for GrandOrgue.

    Of course we know him from his free sample sets, available for both GrandOrgue and Hauptwerk. They are of outstanding quality. Now he has chosen to release commercial sample sets, for very low prices, all 6-channels!

    So, that's great news. Now I just hope that you all are willing to buy these sample sets. Because it isn't a matter of course that good producers like Grabowski keep releasing sample sets for GrandOrgue. And if there is less interest, of course he will stop doing that, and only release sample sets for Hauptwerk.

    I am not in any way related to Grabowski and his company, let that be clear. I only hope that we will make his work worth it, so he can keep producing sample sets for GrandOrgue. And really, to get a nice Cavaille-Coll or a fantastic German Baroque organ, 6 channels, beautiful graphics, for under € 200,-, that's a bargain.

    You can find the instruments here:

    He is also planning to release a GrandOrgue version of these:

    When this works, maybe some other sample set producers will follow.