Request for a Friesach-Cracow Composite GO ODF

  • Personally I find the Cracov sample set to be somewhat problematic. The attack and release samples are not very precise, and some stops (I remember some of the swell reeds to be slow in speech, among other stops like the pedal 8' octave) are speaking later than others. I had a feeling that I am playing a tubular pneumatic organ in need of some work, and not a tracker. It would be good to first fix the original sample set's attack and release samples that are available for free at Piotr Grabowski's website. Therefore I am a little skeptical about the Friesach-Cracow composite, but I'd have to try it first to see how it works. The Friesach sampleset on the other hand is precise, and I think Piotr did a fabulous job with that sample set. Call me a picky person, but a good sample set should have a precise attack and release samples, especially for a repertoire that requires that. Playing only hymns and chordal progressions, I guess it doesn't matter. But for a more virtuosic repertoire and for organ repertoire practicing I find Cracow sample set problematic.

    Unless I am missing it, but I think that at the moment there is no 24bit eclectic three manual sample set with a 61/32 note range, and with two enclosed divisions (swell and positive). Burton Hill organ in Berlin comes close, but the manual range is up to G (56 notes), and Dupre's Op. 36 doesn't work there. Goch sample set has only one swell pedal. Duren is interesting, but again 56 note range, and one enclosed division. Knowing Metzler's organ building philosophy I could imagine that building an enclosed division was outside their tradition, but nevertheless they build organs of very high quality. And I could go on. I personally would love to have an instrument like the Rieger at Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf available for GO, or a similar organ with a nice, warm, and clean voicing, but I haven't found one yet. Correct me if I am wrong!

    Les Deutsch is very kind and generous in giving the extended versions of those sample sets on his website. Therefore I am very much interested in the Friesach Extended version from his website. It looks very versatile, especially with the full 5 octave manual range and 32 note pedalboard range, and above all two enclosed divisions (swell and positive). And since it is based on the Friesach organ sample set, knowing that it is very precise, I think this would be a very attractive sample set.

    That being said, I would kindly request the author of the GrandOrgue samplesets available here (on which I am very much grateful, as they expand the GO sample set repertoire quite a bit!) to make a GrandOrgue version of the Friesach Extended HW sampleset from Les Deutsch, accessible on this link: http://www.nightbloomingjazzme…s_Friesach_Ext_Organ.html

    It would be nice to have a sample set of such organ available, as I (and I know I am not the only one) prefer Linux over Windows due to very precise ALSA audio drivers that don't require a sound interface. And especially since I recently discovered this website!

    Thank you again for all of your work! :)

    Vielen Dank !

  • Yes, Friesach-Cracow sampleset seems to be available, but as I mentioned in my previous post, Cracow sampleset alone has problems with attack and release samples that are not precise on several stops. Would someone be so kind and make the Friesach Extended (the one without Cracow) from Les Deutsch's website available for GO? I would very much appreciate it!

    Not sure if I should make a separate topic for that sampleset request.

    Thank you!