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    Hi, welcome to GO.

    Frist you need to configure your soundcard.
    If you have GO open and go to audio/midi
    Then click on audio midi settings

    Then at audio output select or change the device to your soundcard.
    Click ok and pull some stops. Now when you click on a met on a manual you should hear a sound.

    Please try this and let me know
    Regards, Edward


    I'm building my own custom samplesets, and I want to transpose a complete rank from 8' to 4'.
    Of course I can do this in the GO organ definition, but I want to do this in the .wav files.

    I have tried several programs, but I found out that when I do this some other neccesary information like loops etc are then lost.

    What would be the best software to do this without loosing the other information from the wav file?