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    Well said Jeff, all around. I now use one i7 with 8g ram with Linux Mint 19.3, and this flavour is so much easier to work with, loading all drivers on the first install and routinely booting in about 17 seconds. Compared to Win 10 it just screams. Lars Palo uses GO on Ubuntu Linux and offers some help on YouTube. A fellow named Chris Titus has a debloating scrip for Win 10 available online. It releases about 961 megs, and helps some, though Win 10 is, was, and ever shall be an unmitigated catastrophe, world without end, Amen.

    You know, GO has one feature (for the multi-tasking organist) that just blows HW away: Multiple organs! Therefore at 2am this morning I was fantasizing over which ones to use together to get one single eclectic instrument. I came up with Lars Palo's Burea (AGO extended), a small HW1 3m Marcussen (not Rotterdam, but Zeeland) and the Casavant in Oshawa, Ontario. Put those on one screen and you have everything! Add the Pitea and/or Wildervanck/Walcker organ to that and it would be insane.

    Regarding Pitea, Al Morse and Les Deutsch really turned this one into a success, but the instrument is configured for HW4+. I used OrganBuilder and Audition to rework Pitea with 32' flutes and reeds (in fact, Al used those files). What's unique about this instrument is the Harmonic Flute. In 1967 I had the dusty privilege of crawling around in the Paris Notre Dame organ (I'm getting kinda old) and found that at point-blank range, C-C Harmonic Flutes sound very different. The Pitea Harmonic Flute is a dead-ringer for the C-C. It wheezes, experiences phase shifts, it sputters, it almost sounds like a Calliope at times. That stop alone is worth the price of admission! Glad to hear others are fascinated by this organ. There's nothing else quite like it. This is why Lars is one of the Saints of GO ;)

    As I am fairly new on this site, I wonder if users trade ODF's, old, out-dated or private sample-sets? You're certainly welcome to anything I have in that regard as you endeavour to search out just the right instrument combination...

    All the best in your experimentation....Bob

    Hiya Jeff,

    Bob here in the northern wilds of Saskatchewan using wind/solar to run my digital pipe organs. I too have had second thoughts about HW, particularly since this latest upgrade failed to dazzle me. For at least three years GO has offered convolution reverb capabilities while HW users clamoured for it. Poor leadership. The other dark aspect of HW is it's requirement for Windows, which frankly, is simply abominable. If you wish to get into the nuts and bolts of GO, you might also consider learning how to run it on Linux and you will find the results very stable and pleasing. I happen to have a number of HW sample sets and am sad to say, just a few are superlative. By using OrganBuilder you may very well gather your favourite sounds (with similar reverb) and create a fanstastic instrument that pleases you. It would be especially nice if we could share the results here on this site. Even if you're not content with your current results, perhaps we could all whip our work into shape together? Regarding Cool-Edit and Audition, they can transpose your samples while maintaining their original length. Best wishes on your project and thanks for sharing....Bob