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    I am using Linux Mint 17.3, 64 bit -- and have gotten G O to work very well on it, and without all the hazards of Microsoft.
    I've a computer engineer friend in Seattle who re-compiled the whole shebang to work on LM - and I like it quite well.
    Which is the reason I have given up on my copy of Hauptwerk.
    Right now, I am attempting to learn the procedure for making organ sets, in order to put the samples of the organ I play each Sunday, a 4m AEolian-Skinner, into an organ set which I may install in my 4 manual console for my home.
    This is quite an uphill struggle, and I am searching all the info on doing this. Any suggestions are welcome.

    I live in extreme southwestern Oklahoma in a small town called Martha.
    I am a retired pipe organ builder -- got interested in Grand Orgue, as well as Hauptwerk, for purpose of having an organ in my home -- no room for pipes. Would appreciate any suggestions from anyone about GO. I purchased Hauptwerk, found it wouldn't work on LinuxMint, so have abandoned it, in favor of GO.