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    I am a relative newby and have had a lot of satisfaction playing on some trial instruments but I am having difficulty with the full Burea Church sample set.
    I have downloaded the 7z files and un-zipped them so I can see all the ranks and notes in my File Explorer. (I have even managed to listen to them with Windows Media!)
    However, when I try to get GO to load the instrument, I am offered a choice of three burea options, but none actually opens - in every case I simply get 'file unavailable' or 'failed to open' or similar.
    What should I do differently? Am I missing some sort of instllation patch?
    PS I am not a computer expert, so please keep the response in plain English!

    Thank you - I am now making good progress and am enjoying trying out some trial sample sets.

    I am still puzzled, however, that the demo console is so very small. It makes it almost impossible to use the toolbar - or the combination buttons without risk of pressing the wrong control! Is there really no way to expand it?

    Another two questions - when I try to link the manuals to my keyboard, any note I touch with my mouse sticks
    (or cyphers) and can't be turned off! Why?
    Also, the detect MIDI event does not function, so I have been unable to connect the keyboard at all.

    I am using just the demo v1 organ which downloaded automatically with the software
    My screen resolution is 2736x1824, which is the Microsoft Surface recommended setting (and which works fine with all other apps i have used!)

    I have just started trying to use GO but have encountered two problems:
    1 the console window is very small, so I can barely read it, and it does not respond to normal actions to enlarge it
    2 the volume is very low and, again, I can't find any way to increase it.