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    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for the clear answer. I had actually noticed your message about your plans to make wet version ODF and then as the thread stopped at some point it made me wonder if you faced some technical obstacle. I really like the Rotterdam sample set by SonusParadisi and it is currently my only reason why I would consider moving to Hauptwerk. Other than that I am just happy with what GrandOrgue offers (running it in Linux Mint which works really well). I might actually consider your proposal, but it will not happen very soon anyway, as I may not have enough time yet.

    I will first go to Caen wet full version, which is also my favorite and ODF is readily available.

    Best Regards,

    // Jari

    Hello all,

    I have tried finding information if Laurenskerk main organ surround/wet version could be used in GrandOrgue with suitable ODF made? I understand the Sonus Paradisi sampleset is unencrypted, so is there some technical problem that prevents making it to work in GO? Could only find Dry version ODF (+wet demo version).

    // Jari