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    Robert here again .... I guess there are not many Hauptwerk users on this forum. I'm actually wondering now, do most of you use Grand Orgue?? My understanding is that it is not that sophisticated, however if the audio quality i.e the bit rate is good and the recordings are made well it would be a great alternative for me.

    I do however, route my audio to 4 well developed speakers with multiple drivers inside and allocated for the 16, 8 , 4 footers and all the various ranks in the different divisions.

    So, for instance all my pedal stops go to 2 huge columns ( transmission line ) with high rms rating. They are in my basement. ( actually a very generous modern crawl space for the infrastructure of the house I built. The other audio routings for others divisions are all up in our mezzanine sounds great! .... the house is a completely open concept.

    Thanks to all for your welcome and I gather thus is a Danish site and although I haven't got a clue of the Danish language ( although I notice some Dutch in it ....:0) ..... I'm fine if you write in German. Your neighbours after all .......

    If anyone has HW 5 please write in and let me know how you have made out with it.

    Cheers from VANCOUVER!


    Hi all !! ..... and greetings from Vancouver Canada. Wow interesting to find this site.

    I am a 71 year old organ enthusiast and learned to play organ at 60 .... Yes! although I play Classical guitar and Electric bass ( 5 str. ) still so once in a while. I do practise a lot of organ.

    I have a set up of 4 stereo amplifiers .... so 8 channels coming form an old Maudio Firewire 410 .... configured all as front speakers.

    I am using HW 5 advanced and regret very much having my version 4 advanced destroyed by MDA !

    I have one pipe organ set working but Im haven lot of trouble getting other organs to work.

    I simply am struggling and have all kinds of questions about the mixer they are now using .... Just AWFUL !! ... Am I stupid!? or just Canadian? ...

    Sonus Paradisi has a help article but its not of much use .... and JIRI ... he with a musicology professorship something like it also had trouble figuring it out.

    Perhaps someone can help me with an explanation ..... why < buss 0001 > is always indicated as " none " in the mixer routing of ranks section ..... and there is more but I'm not sure if anyone is interested in helping. I'll even pay via e- transfer or something .... although its in CAD's ha, ha, ha ... Its worth it to me for say 50 EU's to get information that would solve my issues.

    MDA simply has a Hauptwerk consultant in Canada and I have corresponded with him as you can't go to MDA direct anymore.

    Trouble is; that this gentleman has no idea what Im having trouble with and .... he assumes modern digital mixer technology and language is a 'given' so to speak .....

    Thankyou anyone!! OR perhaps it is possible to buy the older HW version 4.1 and the dongle from someone in Europe who has purchased HW 5 outright. ..... I miss it!!!