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    Fascinating, it seems that this is only listed as dependency within the Windows section.

    1. sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev

    should do the trick.

    I should probably update the guide above, so that it's not quite as confusing for anyone using this...


    Hi John,

    the update to the latest Ubuntu shouldn't cause any problems.

    That you made it to step 9 without problems is quite a good sign.

    I should have specified that in my guide and I know you already looked, but my first guess is:

    If you unzip the downloaded file, the contents are usually contained within another folder. So it's possible that "go-sources" contains only one folder that has everything needed. (in my case that's the beautiful name "ourorgan-code-bb6f6d25b6e7ac3000a172d7d9caf5989d0d8dc6") If that's the case, then you either have to adapt the command to

    cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -G "Unix Makefiles" ~/Downloads/go-sources/whatever-the-folder-is-called

    or you move all files in that folder to the level above (the go-sources folder).

    If you've made sure of that and the error persists, you could post a screenshot of the Terminal and the go-sources folder and I'll try to figure things out.



    I cannot help you with the public key issue, but I can write a short build-from-source guide that may help you. There is a short installation guide in the GrandOrgue repository, but I'll adapt it so that the commands can be used as is in Ubuntu. Commands with the sudo prefix will ask the superuser password, which is usually your login password.

    1. Open a terminal.
    2. Update your repos using
      sudo apt-get update
    3. Install the packages using the following command
      sudo apt-get install gcc make cmake pkg-config wx-common libjack-jackd2-0 libasound2 libfftw3-dev wavpack
    4. Install more packages
      sudo apt-get install docbook-xsl xsltproc zip gettext po4a
    5. Download the source code using the "Download snapshot" button on
    6. Extract the download, e.g. into ~/Downloads/go-sources
    7. Create a new directory, e.g. ~/Downloads/go-build
    8. Using the terminal, go to the build directory (path in the command below has to be adapted according to directory name)
      cd ~/Downloads/go-build
    9. Using the terminal (again, adaptation of paths if necessary):
      1. cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -G "Unix Makefiles" ~/Downloads/go-sources
      2. wait until it's finished
      3. make
      4. wait until it's finished (takes quite a while)
      5. sudo make install
    10. Now "GrandOrgue" should be listed amongst our programs

    I tested this in my Ubuntu VM so it should work without problems. If you do have any questions or if there are any problems, feel free to ask and I'll try to help.