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    @ Canticus, Vielem Dank!

    When I perform the tree actition from folder solignac I get the following:



    │ ├───Background

    │ ├───Manual

    │ ├───Pedalier

    │ └───Stops













    That makes things a lot clearer... Thank you verry much!

    Goodevening Eric,

    First, map equals folder, I should have used the correct idiom in the first place, my fault entirely.

    The .organ file I posted expects the folder-structure I sent, so I would start building an empty folder-structure like I sugested.

    Second, the folders you mentionned, starting with a number should contain the samples, so copy, not move, the contents to the corresponding folders in my list.

    The contents from images goes to images, and the contents from the 3 folders ending with noise should go to noises (I made an interesting typo there, 'noses' should be 'noises' :) )

    In the end you should have a folder 'solignac' containing the .organ file plus a folder data_solignac, containing 10 folders.

    To test the organ, open the .organ file in GO, and if all goes well, the organ should load.

    If not, drop me a mail at my mailbox, vanwees at hocuspas dot nl and I will find a way to send you the entire folder stucture plus contents. It runs gine on my systems, so it should work.


    I pulled the file from a working config, it runs fine on my Windows and Linux system.

    My config is as follows:

    Map 'Solignac'

    Containig File Solignac.organ

    map 'Data_Solignac

    Containg the following Maps











    These maps should be the same as the maps in the sampleset you are using.

    Otherwise it should be possible to identify the corresponding maps and rename the accourdingly.

    All the maps, exept M_Bourdun just contain the samples. There are two extra maps present in M_Bourdun , but it looks they are not used, I tested this and I could remove them and the organ loaded fine.

    I hope this helps, it is running fine for me, if not, please let me know, and I will try to help.



    Bonjour Eric,

    My compliments for your English, athough I am a firm Fracofile, your English is far better than my French (I am Dutch)...

    Some time ago I asked the maker of the Solignac sample-set for the original GO file for Solignac, and he was so kind to send it to me in the mail.

    By the way, his name is Sebastian Halas, and I have attached the file to this mail.

    Please rename it from .ODF to .ORGAN be fore you try it out. (I had to rename it before I could attach it...

    I hope this helps, it is indeed a nice Instrument. Enjoy! In case the attachment did not survive transport, send a mail to and I will replay with a mail plus attachment.


    Job van Wees

    Es functioniert! Der Trick war der Bilder nach zu laden. Die Sampleset praesentierte Fehler, wegens der Bilder der nicht da war. Nach herunter laden und creieren von der richtige Dirs mit Einhalt functionierte es wie erwartet. So entschuldigung wegens dem schreckliges Deutsch, aber das Problem is gelöst!

    Hello Michael,

    Merci, I have those settings activated, and the only reason for my use of the Englisch language, is the fact that although I can read German posts, I lack the command of said language to actually write them without making countless errors, making them completly illegible in the process...

    Strangely, my native tongue is Dutch, and people keep telling me that therefor German shoud be 'easy' for me. :)

    Back to the question, I do have downloded an ODF from the filebase, but my guess is that SP has updated the sampleset, because when I try to load the organ, I get loads of complants about missing files. I will try again this weekend to troubleshoot the process, to determine exactly what is missing...

    Thank you for you answer and the suggestions, they are much appriciated!


    Job van Wees


    Would someboddy be so kind to point me to the odf files for the SP Billerbeck demo? The only items I could find are somewhat outdated and threfore, do not work. It seems the set had a recent overhaul and would provide a decent organ of 30 stops. I would love to try it, but as for now, it is pure HW set, however it looks unencrypted to me....

    Many thanks in advance,

    Job van Wees