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    Thank you very much! After fiddling a bit around, it works now!

    Next issue is latency, which appears more significant than with HW (I don't use Rearoute there, just the VST plug-in). Any suggestions?

    I'm trying to use it with the Menesterol and Krzeszow sets.

    Main reason for using Reaper is room correction (ARC2 software). Without it, I find the sound really inferior.

    Thank you. With that version I can select the Rearoute option, but that's the only good news. It causes a lot of errors when trying to load the organ, screen size to large, and crashes in the end.

    Thank you! Not solved yet.

    My sound card (Focusrite pro24) has Asio, Reaper has been installed including Rearoute. I see the Rearoute channels in the Routing Matrix in Reaper

    Under Audio Output I have clicked Audio Output and then Add. Unfortunately, the option ASIO:Rearoute is not present.

    Is it possible to use Reaper in combination with Grandorgue? If so, can someone explain how to set it up? I use Reaper mainly for EQ and convolution reverb