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    Hi Martin,
    thanks for you reply. As my recordings of the channels were from the same pipe-event, only different directions, I expected to get identical tuning results, which wasn´t the case.
    In the meantime I found out how RIFF smpl is coding the pitch and how it is written into the wav file. So I was able to overwrite the dffering pitches of the rear channel with the ones from the front channel with a HEX-tool and get a beat-free result also in original pitch mode.

    I´m just creating a 4 channel Version for one of my sample-sets.
    While tuning the different channels with my tooling I get slightly differing values for front and rear channel.
    This leads to beats (Schwebung) while playing.
    Vincent Forman mentioned in one Forum that he knows the Definition of the RIFF smpl Format.
    Does anyone know, how the values in the chunk are defined in Detail?