The Billerbeck Rotterdam Composite 1.0.0

The Billerbeck Rotterdam Demo Composite with a dedicated Chamade Manual!

Thanks to the SP-Giga Designers, I bring you the Billerbeck Rotterdam Demo Composite for GrandOrgue

As I enjoy playing mostly loud and majestic hymn arrangements I needed something with a lot of power!


1. Dedicated Chamades including "Chamadification" of all reeds

2. Double Manual versions of both the Rotterdam and Billerbeck Demos

3. I corrected the sRGB error message by detagging the png files in the go-odf directory (new go-odf directory included)

4. The composite uses 2 channels from the Billerbeck demo ODF and the 2 channel Rotterdam Demo Composite - Thanks to those who created the ODFs. The reverb profiles are pretty good. I suppose the channels available for use on the Billerbeck could be changed and the volumes of the different perspectives changed - however I left both at 100%

5. This requires around 25 GB of RAM memory to run in 16 bit. I tried to run a 15 GB version using only 1 perspective but it was too thin sounding to me. I recommend getting a 32 GB computer.

6. I increased the pedals to maximum 32 notes as I play all notes. I used the pitch correction tool to accomplish this. The manuals are still maxed at 56 notes

7. The Rotterdam volume has been equalized the best I could using a -8 decibel setting and all chamades are +6 relative to the other manuals to be very prominent.

8. I was not able to add a 5 to 4 coupler which I would like, but GrandOrgue has this function anyway.

9. The framework for this SP-Giga 5 manual design makes for future composite design to be very fast. I am currently working on another composite. Thank you.

Download the file and place the go-odf directory as well as the odf file within the OrganInstallationPackages directory along with all the numbered directories from the Rotterdam and Billerbeck which you will have to download from Sonus Paradisi.


Link to Dropbox folder:…hpw0wg0e9em5eljfbw5wreqli

  • Version 1.0.0