The Utrecht Extended Demo 1.0.0

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Play a III/44 Extension of the Utrecht Demo!

Hi Folks.

This is a companion piece for the Great Romantic. This is a fairly complex build. You can place the .organ file in the same "OrganInstallationPackages" directory as my Great Romantic.

This is a III/44 extension of the Utrecht Demo. I tuned all manufactured stops - yes I made Mixtures, Cornets, Scherps, and an interesting stop called the "Vox Mystica" a kind of celested Vox Humana. The trumpet from Caen is placed on Manual IV which can have its volume adjusted and coupled into any of the other manuals.

Please keep the tuning to Original temperament as all stops are tuned to the "just intervals" of the equal temperament to make the quints, tierces etc. work. I highly recommend running any organ in lossless compression as there appears to be some distortion of reverb tails without this on some organs. I believe this requires a 32 GB computer to run this (with all loops etc.) as there are over 200 ranks.

There is possibly a certain amount of exaggeration of the upper frequencies through some high definition speakers from my tests which may require an equalizer, although I did de-volumize the upper notes of the higher pitched ranks. This is only apparent when the organ is played at FULL. However, through my more bass heavy headphones this build sounds satisfying enough.


  • Version 1.0.0