ODF SP Giga-Demo 0.93

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by-nc-nd>

Play 10 popular demo sample sets from Sonus Paradisi simultaneously on GrandOrgue.


Sample set name: SP Giga-Demo

Sample set version: 10 demo-versions stereo for Hauptwerk

Sample set manufacturer: Sonus Paradisi

Download original set: click here

GrandOrgue ODF: SP_Giga_Demo.organ, the following demo sets from Sonus Paradisi needs to be installed first:

Doesburg, Caen, Utrecht, Krzeszow, Rotterdam, Velesovo, Zwolle, Palma, St. Maximin and St. Michel

  • Version 0.93

  • Hi all,

    Is it true thats this SP GIGA Demo isn't properly working anymore?

    I'm getting errors on the Doesburg-part.

    I think the latest (new) DEMO of Doesburg from SP's website is not compatibel with this ODF?

    I looked it up in the the structure of the new Doesburg-maps (OrganInstallatiansPackages) the are named as 001307 and 002292

    In the ODF of this GIGA demo ODF the maps from Doesburg are called 001317)

    Does anyone of you have the old versione for me, so i can still open this GIGAAAA-DEMO?

    Thanks anyway.

    Greetz, Jaap