Expanded version of Friesach sample set (68 stops!) available, but so far only for Hauptwerk...

  • Dear All (pardon my English),

    Recently I found that mr. Al Morse (USA) has made substantial additions to the Friesach sample set, see http://almorse.net/content_freeorgans.html. He recombined and andjusted the existing sound files and turned it into a larger organ with a lot more couplers and other bells and whistles. He even included the Ghent carillon set.:)

    However, this version is only accessible through Hauptwerk, which is regrettable. Would anybody know if it's possible to create an ODF file for this expansion? It'd be the largest GO-set out there... If it's possible, I would be very happy to write him and ask for permission.
    Best wishes,


  • Hello Olaf,

    is this the international part of the forum or the German one?

    Anyway let's communicate in English...

    Of course it would be possible to write a complete new ODF file for this interesting extended sample set. But so far i know there are no tools or apps available that could do the job automatically like a "translation". So somebody must do that tough work. I have some experiences writing ODF's for my own little purpose (i will introduce my project some day) and i can tell you: it's a work for weeks (or even month...).

    By the way: do you really need that huge organ? The Friesach in it's original version is so great that i cannot see the real advantage to add some gimmicks like bells or other stuff to the organ.

    All the best