GrandOrgue Crypt

  • [H2]GrandOrgue now able to use encrypted sample sets ![/H2]

    This GrandOrgue release adds support for using encrypted samples. The cryptograhical protection is
    equal to the (dongle free) Hauptwerk Free Edition encryption. Apart from that, the encryption meets
    the technical requirments described in
    * 17 U.S. Code § 1201 (a)(3)
    * European Directive 2001/29/EC Article 6
    * German Urheberrechtsgesetz (UrhG) §95a (2)
    * Austrian Urheberrechtsgesetz §90c (2)
    and therefore qualifies for legal protection.

    GrandOrgue ships a command-line encryption tool:
    Usage: GOCrypt <input-wave-file> <output-encrypted-file>

    It support encrypting normal wav files (not WavPack compressed files).

    You can simply replace any reference of unencrypted samples with their encrypted version in the
    GrandOrgue Organ File Defintion (ODF).

    For encryption a whole sampleset, you any kind of automation tool to call GOCrypt for all samples.
    For a free solution, either use any Linux system or install MSYS ( or
    Cygwin (

    Then run in a Linux/MSYS/Cygwin shell:

    1. cd <sample-set-directory>
    2. for a in $(find -name \*.wav); do b=$(echo "$a"|sed -e "s/\.wav/.go/g"); GOCrypt "$a" "$b" ; done
    3. for a in $(find -name \*.wav); do rm "$a" ; done
    4. sed -ie "s/\.wav/.go/g" $(find -name \*.organ)

    These instructions delete the unencrypted samples.

    [H2]Download GrandOrgue Crypt:[/H2]
    click here

  • Exclusive from April 1, there is another method by which you can protect sample sets as safe:

    For all who trust in the safety of such encryption method is just a special offer came in :

    Under the full moon collected magic stones, consecrated by the Easter Bunny, to protect sample sets against piracy for only EUR 9.99 per item [ +99.99 EUR shipping ] .

    The simple, dongle-free Hauptwerk encryption is like a never-ending joke on April 1 :-wow: