samples/buffer, keying, and reverb

  • Hi All:
    After many years of playing GO, I eventually have discovered the following:
    1:s/buffer setting lower than 1024 results in the CR not working.
    2. s/buffer setting at 1024 (max) there is a an electronic popping as the key is depressed, but the CR works.
    3. s/buffer setting at 512, the popping stops, but the CR stops working.
    4. I'm using large sample set OMNI, but I've noticed this in small sets also.(1-3 are true)
    5. What kind of conflict is going on between s/buffer, keying, and the CRev. I've tried Lars' IRs, but no difference.
    6. I'm using GOvers 2171ASIO on Win7pro, multichannel speakers. These is no CPU overload. RAM is 8gig
    Can someone please resolve this. Would like to have clean keying with a good reverb.
    Thanks, Ken Barta

  • I get a little pop on both the down-stroke and up-stroke of Middle C only. Sometimes it goes away. I only get it when keying on Channel 1 MIDI. Seems it may be a glitch in GO 3.1.2084. I refuse to use the later GO versions because in my setup you constantly get note on/off restarts when using heavy registrations. I learned the hard way and rolled back to 2084.

    In my limited technical opinion, Ken, I would recommend a LINUX Mint 64-bit solution to try first.

  • Finally tracked down the culprit for the key-pop sound on my 2084 setup. It came about when loading the SILBERMANN Sample Set. When I removed it from the mix it disappeared. Also, when I unloaded all the 4 organs and then reloaded SILBERMANN, the key-pop returned. If you kill the upper manual it goes away. Not sure how it is happening with the SILBERMANN Sample Set. Wish I could get rid of it, because removing the top manual makes the Trumpet Stop and Echo Organ unavailable. If anyone has a fix, please let me know.