• Thanks to sonusparadisi and Lars Palo, we Grand Orgue users now have a nice demo of the Cavaille-Coll organ at The Abbey of St Eteinne in CAEN, France. While the registration is huge I did not vary it, but I played a MIDI downloaded recording of a Bach piece. It can be watched and listened to at

    . If I were an organist and Understood proper registration it would be so much better.

    The other organ playing simultaneously to round out upper-work is the free Sample Set of Walcker-Wildervank. Due to my hi-freq hearing loss I eq-ed the recording. Hope it does not hurt your ears. Loaded both organs at 20-bit, 1024 buffer and 48KHZ using 64-bit LINUX Mint with 1GB RAM. There is one tny brekup late in the piece due to overload, but it is overall worth listening to. Enjoy!