GrandOrgue 3.2247 for LINUX Mint 18.2 Fails to Play Pedal Div from MIDI File

  • I just upgraded from Mint 17 to 18 and am having a significant problem playing .mid files. Using the same organ, same MIDI Channel Assignments and exact same MIDI File, the new built-in player no longer will play the Pedal Division.

    PS - Thank you Martin for getting Grand Orgue setup instructions together for LINUX Mint 18.

  • Exact same sampleset -Piotr Grabowski's Giubiasco organ, with all devices and channel assignments exactly the same.

    I loaded in Widor's Tocatta, however, and the Pedal division played in that case.

    Maybe I have to use and external player?

  • The GO internal MIDI player had always played (on a two manual organ) the pedals from channel 3 [for non-GO MIDI recordings]. Before 2205, events would have been matched manual assignments too - yielding to playing the pedal from two channels.

    GO MIDI recordings are different, because the various GO sysex adapt the MIDI matching.

    PS: If you are using an external MIDI player, please make sure, that it creates a (virtual) MIDI port, GO can connect to.