GO-Odf Casavant 3742 Demo 2.0.0

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New improved Odf version 2.0!. GO-Odf for The Demo Set by Sonus Paradisi of the Casavant Organ in the First Prebyterian Church of Bellevue in Washington. A complete instrument with 26 stops now also for GO.

The demo set of Sonus Paradisi of the Casavant organ in the First Prebyterian Church of Bellevue in Washington contains a complete instrument with 26 stops. The stops of the Positif and the Récit are provided with tremulants, which are recorded separately. With this Odf, the demo can now also be used with GO. The church has a fairly dry acoustics. The recording for this sample set was done with 4 microphones, 2 of which are in a front position and two in a rear position. This Odf uses only the recording from the front position. An 8 GB RAM is then enough to load the sample set in 24 bits.

The Odf provides for the use of the recorded tremulants.

  • Version 2.0.0

    In version 1.0 the Vox Celeste on the Recit was linked to the manual an octave too low, making it a 4 ft instead of an 8 ft register. This has been repaired. (Thanks to attention of Canticus). Note that the lowest octave in this register is not present on the organ.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Is the sampleset free on Sonus Paradisi website?

  • How much RAM should my computer have to run this demo?

  • 1.Download the Casavant Demo sampleset from the Sonus Paradisi Website and unpack the .rar package ( e.g. with Winzip or 7zip).

    2.Download and UnZip this GO-Odf Zip package.

    3.Follow the instructions in the "Readme" txt (included in this Zippackage) It is in the later part of it .



  • how can i install it?

  • Thank you for your comments Rein,

    That is something I have overlooked. I will adjust it and then upload an updated version.

    Regarding the tremulants: In the meantime I have discovered that too but when I made this Odf not yet. That is why I came up with this solution with a XOR switch that also works. I will keep that for later Odfs and I 'll keep learning.

    Kind regards,


  • ; I corrected an error in the ODF for myself

    ; Recit VoixCeleste8: Definition must be 49 pipes! Definition FirstMidiNote=36 must be =48.

    ; First sample 036C is now 4Ft Rank! The numbering is "wrong", but that doesn't matter.

    ; To make them 8Ft playing: Rank 27 and 28: FirstAccessiblePipeLogicalKeyNumber=1 changed into =13. (There is no C to B

    ; sample)

    ( Tremulant. A tremulant can be made better with 1 Rank. ( adjusting this quickly is unfortunately not possible :) )