GO-ODF for the Free Sample Set by Sonus Paradisi of the Galician organ from the Chatelet collection 1.0.0

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>

A very nice Spanish organ with sweet flutes and mild reeds. All the stops of the Galician organ in all available perspectives.

This Odf will make the organ available for use with GrandOrgue . The sample set is recorded from two positions at different distances from the organ, resulting in direct and diffuse samples. The Odf provides independent controls for the volume of the direct and diffuse samples. If you link those controllers crosswise to the same external control-element via midi you will be able to operate both controls with one external control-element and set any desired mix. . The Odf provides operation via a main screen or via a simplified screen (Simplescreen), both optimized for a screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels.

:!:WARNING: The “Randomize Pipe tuning” feature must be "OFF" when using this Odf. (When this function is "on", GO will detune the direct and diffuse samples of the same organ pipe differently, causing unwanted intermodulation distortion when mixing.)

  • Version 1.0.0