Piston capture on GO

  • Hi, I am quite new to GO and need some guidance
    I am using an old electronic organ console to drive GO. One capability I would like is to set up piston capture/memory. I want to be able to select a memory group that can be programmed/set for the physical pistons and memorised for future use. Then be able to select another group that has a different combination setting. For example, a group selector that can select a group number which contains a unique combination set up for all the physical pistons.
    I cannot see how to arrange this with the available piston controls. Any help would be most welcome.

  • Thanks Martin, but sadly that does not help.
    I believe the combination setter makes sense, and the general, (scope and scoped are still a bit of a mystery!)

    What I really want to do is memorise up to10 different settings on divisionals, I have 4 pistons per division, so need a method to save sets of 12 pistons (Swell, Great and Pedal).
    Looking at the Hauptwerk user guide for inspiration, this appears to have a 'combination setter' which appears to do what I want.

    Does GO have an equivalent?

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Now all I need to do is get my head ropund the difference between scope and scoped! This concept is not clear to me yet, but I will work on it!

  • Look at our help [GO >= 1932]:

  • Hi, this is an interesting item!
    I too am a recent addition to the GO fold, and have been playing with other organ consoles. A problem I have found is that I cannot work out how to operate the stops AND the pistons of GO via the organ console (in this case an old Wyvern, and a not so old Makin). If I set up the stops, no problem. If I then set up the pistons to use the settings on the GO app, the piston settings on the console do their own selection, and fight with the GO selections.
    The only solution I have at present is to NOT set the GO pistons, but use the organ console pistons to set the newly acquired GO stops. This unfortunately means resetting them all back if I then wish to use the original organ!
    This of course won't matter once I have enough confidence to leave the GO system as the 'Live' system, but until then....... :( :( :(

    PS If anyone else is trying to use a Wyvern console, for unknown reasons some of them have the MIDI polarity REVERSED. You have to make yourself a new MIDI lead with the connections crossed over.