External Speakers and Touch Screens

  • Hello Everyone,
    I am brand new to GO, in fact I was literally just going to invest in Hauptwerk when I chanced upon GO. So far, I have been amazed at the system and have already linked my old Viscount Concerto 3 to provide the input. Early days but I am currently listening through headphones from my i3 Core laptop with 16Gb RAM.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, views and recommendations to make on using touchscreen with GO and also how to utilise external speakers and woofers to provide sound output.

    Please feel free to provide links to sources for recommended kit.



  • Hi Simon
    If you have multi-channels available from your sound card, you can route any stop or set of stops to any channel. It's a bit fiddly, (I think!) but there is a download of an instruction manual which goes through the details.
    One of the most spectacular effects I found was to put the celeste on a separate channel. You can also "spread" the sound by alternating notes between speaker channels, eg C goes to Left, C# to Right, D Left..... etc. Unless there is something I have missed you have to do this for every note on every stop you need, which is quite tedious, but the end result is good.
    I haven't been using this long either, so I find I keep repeating my mistakes!
    I am using the M-Audio Delta series cards, which seem to be very good, but I haven't tried multi channel using the on-board sound chipset, because on my machine that is a bit noisy. I get a warning that GO doesn't support more than one card, but I think it still works in my case because both cards use the same drivers.
    I think GO is better than HW, because it seems to handle larger sample sets more easily, but that's just my opinion.
    Have fun!