Piteå School of Music in OS X?

  • :) really enjoying and trying to learn as much as possible!

    Piteå School of Music organ is there any way of loading that into MAC OSX version of GO?

    I downloaded it on a PC and it worked fine took it home all excited and alas its not a OS X readable file??

    I think this is more the organ that I'm looking for!?

    Also is there some kind soul that will port GO to the latest build for us mac users?

    Thank you!

  • Latest 10.11

    Been downloading and trying different organs but as mentioned discovered that for Mac they need to be in folder format of wavs or .organ ? Is that correct?!

    Can definitely hear the diff now with some of them!

  • 1) Install a recent Xcode

    Verify the compiler:
    Create hello2.cpp text file:

    1. #include <iostream>
    2. #include <mutex>
    3. int main()
    4. {
    5. std::mutex wait;
    6. wait.lock();
    7. std::cout << "Hello Welt\n";
    8. return 0;
    9. }

    Verify the compiler installation with

    1. c++ -o hello2 hello2.cpp -std=c++11

    2) Install homebrew http://brew.sh/
    3) Install depdencies:

    1. brew update
    2. brew install cmake
    3. brew install gettext
    4. brew install jack
    5. brew install docbook-xsl
    6. brew install libtiff --cc=clang
    7. brew install wxmac --cc=clang
    8. brew link gettext --force

    4) You need to download a GO trunk snapshot from https://sourceforge.net/p/ourorgan/svn/HEAD/tree/trunk/
    Extract them to a directory.
    5) Run in that directory:

    1. cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-g -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-g -DDOCBOOK_DIR=/usr/local/Cellar/docbook-xsl/1.78.1/docbook-xsl .
    2. make package
  • Thank you for your help but alas that is all a bit beyond my capabilities I do thank you and wonder if there is a kind soul out there that might be easily able to do it?

  • You can install mac OS X onto a intel pc - google hackintosh if you've got a spare hdd and have a pretty compatible machine.

    cheapest mac OS X would probably be a iMac 2"1 or 27" anything from LATE 2009 onwards i picked up mine very cheaply about $450AUD so about 200 euro i guess or maybe a second hand mac mini that you can connect all your existing equipment mouse monitor and keyboard. - or of course for portability a macbook pro laptop 13" early 2011 or newer would be fine - they come with 4gb men and a i5 2.3 cpu

    do you have anything over there like gumtree (eBay but with auction and easy buy off people)
    second hand definitely all you need. Speaking of "over there" where about are you? Im in Australia, WA

    Thank you!