No sound from GO

  • I am new to GO and have apparently successfully installed GO and downloaded some sample sets. I can see the GO programme and console on the screen and am getting no errors appearing but I cannot get ANY sound at all out of my studio speakers via my audio interface OR the laptop speakers either.
    Can anyone help point me in right direction please.
    Also have read that GO can be used to play Hauptwerk sample sets. Has anyone done this successfully and if so I would again appreciate any help and advice to get me up and running.

  • Hi, welcome to GO.

    Frist you need to configure your soundcard.
    If you have GO open and go to audio/midi
    Then click on audio midi settings

    Then at audio output select or change the device to your soundcard.
    Click ok and pull some stops. Now when you click on a met on a manual you should hear a sound.

    Please try this and let me know
    Regards, Edward

  • Have tried your suggestion with no result.
    I have no external interfaces and am just using the laptop speakers, which I know are working from using other programs.
    I have tried installing/reinstalling both the 32bit and 64 bit GO programs, but so far without joy.

    Any further advice/suggestions eagerly awaited.