Bx controller problems

  • Hi everyone:

    I'm having trouble with GO keeping track of my expression Bx controller. It is running thru an encoder that is connected via USB. It seems there are multiple encoders numbered in the listed in the Midi devices menu, but in reality there is only one. If I uncheck the extra ones, then I can't detect the expresion shoe. GO seems to pick one, and then can't decide if it wants to use it.

    Also, what is the element "controller No." next to the channel menu on the enclosure detection menu? A value of "7" has appeared there. I have no idea what it is referring to. If I change it to correspond to the encoder #, nothing works. Using ASIO version 2171 on Win 7pro. Thanks, Ken Barta krbar@verizon.net

  • As a retired manufacturer of MIDI Interface Systems, all I can tell you is that Controller 7 in MIDI is the standard for controlling volume. I have one of our M128/256 MIDI Processors being used for Swell and Pedal but have not as yet lashed up our CPU Controller 7 A-to-D input. Unfortunately, I have no foot shoe for the input, so I simply have always left it jumpered HI (+5) for full Controller 7 level of 127. I recently located a test potentiometer in my workshop with a .100" socket connector and I'll try to test that soon and post a further reply.