HW and "cyclic distribution"...... Applied to GO?

  • I have noticed that HW offers an option for audio distribution which, if i've got it right, sets up audio distribution such that the effect of feeding similar stop notes through a particular channel is minimised. I have noticed that with GO, and indeed the "non-advanced" version of HW the electronic transient nulling of a particular note can be objectionable, though I have found the same problem to exist on some expensive organs, which obviously I should not name.
    The problem arises because while two electrical signals can effectively null or reinforce each other, when the same signals are fed through different speakers the nulling is incomplete due to multi-path accoustic effects.
    I am having difficulty seeing how to use GO to do 'ambitious' routing, such as:
    imagine a 4 channel set-up, ignoring pedals, for 8' distribution-
    channel A takes Diapason C
    channel B takes Diapason C# and Open Diapason C
    Channel C takes Diapason D, and Open Diapason C# and Flute C
    Channel D takes Diapason D#, Open Diapason D, Flute C#, and Geigen C
    Channel A takes Diapason E .......................etc., going round and round till all are placed.
    Then do something similar for 4' and 16' etc.

    Hopefully this gives the picture of what I am looking at.

    Am I expecting too much of GO????? Or is it possible to modify in such a way as to permit this, even if it has to be done tediously, manually?

    Regardless, I still think GO is pretty good, many thanks all the people who have done the hard work.

  • Thanks Martin,
    I saw that, but how can I take individual pipes to single channels?
    If I try to produce mono channels, using L and R from a group as different channels, I still only see basic groups, i.e. half what I hope for!
    Sadly there is much I don't understand about this great software system, so am I just failing to click somewhere...... :D :D :D
    As an aside, if I have two sound cards running (Delta Audiophile An Delta 44) I get a "not supported" warning, but it then works anyway! Any comments?

  • GO has no special MONO option. Just route the left & right part of a audio group to the same output channel.

    As the number of audio groups is "unlimited" (more audio groups might require more CPU and/or a higher latency) and you can mix any number of audio groups to a output channel, you should be able to create a wide range of audio setups.