Temperament change not working in GrandOrgue for some organs

  • Hello all,

    I wanted to try a different temperament in GrandOrgue. After selecting one in the menu, all stops (16', 8', 4', 2', 1', 2 2/3', ...) sounded like 8'. :(

    I tested some more organs. The problem occurred for:

    • Rotterdam_Marcussen_demo_3Man.organ
    • Rotterdam Demo 2 manual.organ
    • GO(1280x800) Rotterdam-Marcussen-demo.organ
    • cean rotterdam.organ
    • Utrecht Demo.organ

    For these organs, there is no problem with changing the temperament:

    • Caen_Demo_v.2.5.organ
    • burea_church_extAGO.organ
    • FranzBarockorgel.organ
    • Friesach.organ

    Is this a known issue? Is it possible to correct the organ definition? Or is it related to the samples?

  • Wenn alle Rohre falsch sind, überprüfe den ODF! Vielleicht HarmonicNumber=8 vergessen zu ändern.

    Die richtigen Werte für "HarmonicNumber pro [STOPxxx]" erhält man, wenn man rechnet: 64/Fußtonzahl.

    16' -> 4

    8' -> 8

    4' -> 16

    2 2/3' -> 24

    2' -> 32

    1 3/5' -> 40

    1 1/3' -> 48

    PitchTuning hat Default = 0 => Angabe von 0 wäre unnötig.

    Weiters ist PitchTuning die Verstimmung in der Orginal-Stimmung. Für die anderen Stimmungen zählt PitchCorrection.

    Einige Pipes-Fehler: .WAV-Dateien enthalten falsche Informationen. (auch bei burea_church!)

    Mixtuur: Pro Oktave erforderlich: HarmonicNumber=

    Sorry, I didn't realize it was English.....

  • Hi Canticus,

    Thank you very much for your response. I can read German. But for writing I prefer English.

    The problem I refer to, is occurring for all the pipes (not just single ones).

    First I checked the for the problematic organ definitions that I mentioned above, on the presence of "HarmonicNumber".

    • Rotterdam_Marcussen_demo_3Man.organ: no HarmonicNumber
    • Rotterdam Demo 2 manual.organ: all HarmonicNumber=8
    • GO(1280x800) Rotterdam-Marcussen-demo.organ: no HarmonicNumber
    • cean rotterdam.organ: all HarmonicNumber=8
    • Utrecht Demo.organ: all HarmonicNumber=8

    With your explanation, it makes sense that something goes wrong for these definitions.

    The well-working definitions I mentioned, do have correct HarmonicNumber lines, with exception of burea_church_extAGO.organ. I double checked on the problem with burea and found interesting conclusion: some stops do work correct with changed temperament, and some don't. I do not understand why some do work, but I would like to focus on the progress that I made with Rotterdam_Marcussen_demo_3Man.organ:

    As proposed by you, I added HarmonicNumber=XX, in [StopXXX] sections

    But not in [StopXXX] sections with NumberOfRanks=X (to avoid warnings).

    And in addition I added HarmonicNumber=XX, in [RankXXX] sections.

    Now temperament changes work for all stops :-) with exception of "Mixtuur 6-8 st." and "Scherp 6-8 st.". You mentioned that I should define HarmonicNumber per octave. Here I am not sure what to do. Should I put the HarmonicNumber between Pipe012... and Pipe013..., between Pipe024... and Pipe025..., . . .?

    I did see in some definitions PipeXXXHarmonicNumber at each pipe. That approach is a lot of work.

    Do you have another hint for me or an small piece of example code?

  • Mixtures do not have a continuous foot measurement. Mixtures sometimes repeat several times within a rank. A separate harmonic number must therefore be specified for each section in the rank. If you don't have precise details about the mixture, you may have to try it.

    Look in the Filebase. For example, my ODF SP Giga Demo should contain a lot of useful information.