Celestes in GO - how to build?

  • Hi Everybody!

    I'm reading the MPS Orgelsite for a long time (Google+ before) and I would like to congratulations and just say "Thank you" to Michael for very usefull library for any GO fan!

    Couple of years ago I've tried to convert sample sets from HW to GO, but it was very absorbing, because I had record every single note in HW recording option, and after that I used PC program to convert 48 > 44.1. Then I've made new loops.... horrible!!!

    So, now we have possibility to run HW sample set in GO and we can prepare some sets in our house (derived from others), but my question is about some celeste stops (voix celeste) - Is there any good solution to make my own Voix celeste 8' for example from violoncelle or viola di gamba?

    I know, that it's possible in HW. Is there any chance in GO? Maybe I need some software?
    I don't want to broke any sample set license (deriving).

    PS. I'm linux user ;)


  • Hi Montre,

    one possible solution would be: double a rank "gamba" and tune it some cents (Audio/Midi -> Organ settings).
    Maybe some adjustment at "gain" could be necessary, too.
    I have to try this for myself. Thank you for the hint :-up:


  • Hi Chilissimo,

    In the Past I've tried to add some waving to strings stops (in Cool Edit maybe?), but this solution needs to make new loops region...

    The true is, that there is no free sample sets with Voix celeste for GO, which can be derived to another set.

    Thank you for your hint - very surprising :)

  • Montre: for sure, Martin's suggestion is the best way.

    I made a sample set out of a german romantic organ, where two stops (Flauto traverse 8' and Salicional 8') form some kind of "Voix celeste", the better term for this in german is "Schwebung". See this topic:

    This sample set (first version) is free, but not published till now.

  • Thank you Martin and Chilissimo!

    I will check your propositions and refer something later.
    I see, there is so many many possibilities to make "something grom nothing" in GO.

    Wish you good week ;)

  • Yeah, that's definitely a helpful way! :-)