POINT OF SALE Touchscreen for Grand Orgue in LINUX MINT

  • I am building a three manual MIDI console for Grand Orgue and have found a reasonably-priced 15" "Point of Sale" touch screen. Does anyone know if this would work for LINUX MINT 17 or 18 as a means of making stop changes with Grand Orgue Sample Sets?

  • The main question is, is there any linux support (with acceptable drivers).

    Touch screens speaking USB-HID protocols will probably work out of the box. There are also linux drivers for some chipsets.

    You need to post more technical information to get a better answer.

  • Touch in GO works for Linux Debian 9 (Stretch), KDE desktop, with an Acer Touchscreen T232H.
    Touch does not simulate right mouse button (I use an icon in taskbar and a script that simulates RMB after 3 seconds).