Installation Marcussen Organ

  • Hi there,

    I'm new here on this forum. I just downloaded the Marcussen organ package. I unzipped it, but when I tried to open it with GrandOrgue is doesn't work at all. The error says: (random voice) does not exist. I think I don't have all the files to play the organ. Maybe files of all the voices?

    I hope anyone can help me!


    p.s. added is a picture what I've downloaded

  • Please share the download link

  • Thnx Rein, I have succes now. But one problem when I load the organ, it says that the Octaaf 2 is not a RIFF-file. How can I solve this?


  • Hoi,

    1. Rename 045-A.wav into BAK_045-A.wav

    2. Make a kopie from 044-A.wav

    3. Rename kopie044-Awav into 045-A.wav

    Reload the organ to see if there are more errors. In the worst case, everything is just wrong. This can also be in your download. (Errors in data transfer.)

    Later you can change the note 045 by increasing it by 100 cents

    Met vriendelijke groet,


  • I thank you so much, I am really enjoying this sample set!!!

  • Yes, I would indeed like to respond, but I needed some time for that and I am relieved to see that the problem has now been solved.

    I knew that Sonus Paradisi implements a new procedure for downloading but hadn't considered possible implications for the GO odfs.

    I have meanwhile also downloaded Rotterdam-Marcussen via the new procedure and have compared the content with the previous download. Fortunately, the folder structure has been completely maintained. It concerns the folders 00891, 001304, 001305 and 001306. In the Odf for GO we only use the last three folders. These folders have grown a bit. This is caused by the addition of two tones for the expansion of the manuals with two tones. Checked randomly, however, the samples otherwise appear to be the same and the Odf will therefore also work with the new version but will miss the two added tones

    I don't see anything special about the sample in question that causes problems for Sjoerd. In my download it is an orderly .wav file with 3 loops. Perhaps an occasional error while downloading?

    Canticus's suggestion is a good solution or else you could download it again.

    succes, Bas